The Rules of Casino Blackjack

The Rules of Casino Blackjack

Blackjack has been considered as one of the oldest games in casino history. Today, it continues to become one of the most popular casino games in traditional casinos and has already evolved to a better version, providing more options for betting and relatively utmost satisfaction.

In order to master the game of online blackjack, you really need to exert an extra effort of study the rules, understanding the game play and practicing the knowledge and skills you have learned. Your aim is to make a hand that is closest to 21 and is also better than the hand of the dealer. Blackjack is definitely that simple. That’s why a lot of novices and experts are really looking forward to playing this game.

Online blackjack relatively has the same rules that are usually used in a traditional casino blackjack. However, you still need to learn and understand some special rules only applied to online blackjack. This article provides you with essential tips on how to apply the given rules in online blackjack.

The Value of the Dealer’s Hand

In the game of online blackjack, the dealer’s hand is given the highest possible score. When the dealer gets an Ace, it is automatically equivalent to 11. The rule on the value of the dealer’s hand is universal. Oftentimes, the dealer has the privilege to draw an additional card whenever he gets an ace and another card with a total of 17 or higher. This rule is definitely a disadvantage to the players. However, you can improve your chances by using effective betting strategies.

Blackjack Rules – Good and Bad Hands

It is important to determine whether your hand is good or bad. In this manner, you can formulate an effective betting strategy; thus, keeping your bankroll intact.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is the number “21”. This is the number of victory. In blackjack, 21 is the only number you need to get close to. Your two cards should be 17 or more and it should be higher than the hands of the dealer. Another good thing about blackjack is you can automatically win by having a natural blackjack or a hand exactly equivalent to 21. The payout percentage for this kind of hand is 150%. For instance, if you place a bet of $20 and you get a natural blackjack, you can win $25 added to your initial bet. Blackjack also offers even bets or insurance bets if you or the dealer gets an ace. This way, your bet will receive some form of immunity. However, if the dealer gets a blackjack, you will lose half of your bet.

If you have good hands, you can use double your bet down. Doubling down means you can duplicate your original bet and have the privilege to ask for additional cards to complete your hand. Conversely, if your hand is bad, the only option is to surrender. If you surrender, you can keep 50% of your original wager. This is a smart way to keep your bankroll in one piece.


Playing casino blackjack doesn’t have to be that complicated. If you want to succeed, you need to concentrate and give your best. Practice, practice, practice and you will surely reap the fruits of your hard work.