How to Play Blackjack

How to Play Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most exciting games you can enjoy in most live and online casinos. If you’re quite interested in playing the game, you should have to worry because blackjack is not that difficult to learn. The main objective of this game is to create a hand that is equal or less than 21. If you go over 21, then you end up losing that round and your bet as well. However, if you went below 21, you can have a 2:1 payout or if you hit the exact numbers (21), you can have a greater advantage against the house. But before you can hit a hand of 21, you need to familiarize the game play and basic terminologies of the game.

Choosing the Best Blackjack Table

Prior to any blackjack game, the initial disposition of the player is to look for the perfect table. In choosing a blackjack table, you need to consider your preferences. Choose a table that suits not only your capabilities but also the capacity of your bankroll. If you can only afford to lose a minimum amount of money, then choose a table that offers minimum betting requirements. Choose also a table that provides rules that you’re comfortable with.

Common Terms Used in Blackjack

Whenever you’re playing blackjack, you’ll always hear the words “stand”, “hit”, “split”, “double down” and “surrender”, however, you really don’t know the meaning of these words and how they are used during the game. In this article, you will somehow get a chance to know these basic terms most often used in playing blackjack. Having knowledge of these terms may essentially aid you in developing effective strategies against your opponents, thus, creating a more efficient game play.

  1. Stand – While playing blackjack, you don’t seem to be getting any good cards or in some cases, you have already made an excellent hand. If you don’t want to be dealt with cards anymore, then you need to make a stand. Definition wise, stand means to set upright. However, in the game of blackjack, stand means to “stop” with the dealing of cards. If you want to execute the stand, you can either express it verbally or you can place your hand over the cards. In online blackjack, you can just click the stand button.
  2. Hit – The term “hit” is used if you want another card. However, you need to make sure that your total will not exceed 21. If not, you can call for a hit or scratch your fingers on the table as a sign that you want another dealt card.
  3. Split – When you hear the word “split”, it means that you have a pair of cards with the same face value. For instance, two kings. If you want to create more hands, you can split the cards into two separate values and you can ask the dealer to deal you with more cards for your new set of hands.
  4. Double Down – This means doubling your bet. If you have good vibes and you think that you can really win the round, then you can double your original bet. Most casinos would allow double down while splitting the pairs. If you have that opportunity, grab it. Might as well take the risk than do nothing.