Why I'm Running

South Philly  needs a State Representative with fresh ideas  who also has a track record of getting things done in our neighborhood.  

My name is Tom Wyatt. I want to represent you in Harrisburg and want you to understand who I am.

After barely graduating from high school, my only option was to get a job. With my grades and attitude, college was not in the cards. Thankfully, I found a minimum wage position at a local fast food restaurant.  It wasn't easy, but what I learned about the value of hard work changed my life.

Grandmother3-300.jpgI was accepted to a state college on the condition of academic probation.  Through hard work and the help of mentors, I became the first person in my family to graduate college.  I paid for college myself by working jobs at restaurants, tire shops, factory floors, and shipping docks.  Several years later, I completed my law degree at the University of California-Berkeley. These experiences sparked a love for education and a passion for community that became the foundation of my professional and family life.

I began my post-college career as a public school teacher in rural Mississippi, and it was my experience in the classroom that sparked my passion for neighborhood schools.  My wife Sarah and I have worked tirelessly to support Andrew Jackson Elementary. Our daughter Lucy just started kindergarten at Jackson (she’s loving it), and our three-year-old will also be a Jaguar.

Today, my legal practice involves working with mayors, township supervisors, and municipal solicitors as they grapple with ways to deal with increasing demands on critical municipal services in an era of declining tax base.

MyraBrownMeeting3-300.jpgI am committed to South Philadelphia. This is the birthplace of my children, the place where I fell in love with Sarah, and the place we chose to make our home. We moved to South Philly many years ago because of its deep sense of community, grit and possibility. We didn’t move here because we wanted to somehow fundamentally change this incredible part of the City.  We came here to be a part of its great future.  I want to step up and serve you. I will provide new energy and ideas for South Philly as your State Rep.